Rice to the Occasion

Wholegrain rice is rich in disease-fighting properties.

Here's an easy way to sneak more nutrition into your meals. Recent studies have highlighted the virtues of whole grain brown rice, including one that suggests that rice bran can cut cholesterol and lower blood sugar. Rich in disease-fighting compounds and fibre, wholegrain rice is better for you than bread or pasta, says nutritionist Julie Upton.

To work more rice into your diet:
  • Try the deep-colored varieties. Rich-scented brown basmati rice and chewy black wild rice (not actually a rice but a seed from a water-grass plant) have more protein and fibre than most white types-and more flavor, too.

  • Add it to your favorite recipes. Add 1 to 2 cups of cooked rice to each half kilo of mince in burgers, meatloaf or curries to slash calories and fat.To boost fibre, use brown rice in casseroles.

  • Quick-cook it. Don't let the 45-minute cooking time put you off brown rice. Try an "instant" version such as SunRice's microwavable type (2 1/2 minutes). It's also loaded with nutrients and fibre.

Source from Readers Digest.


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