A Journey Through Junior MasterChef

Junior MasterChef Australia is an Australian competitive cooking game show.
It is a spin-off of MasterChef Australia, itself an adaptation of the British show MasterChef, and features contestants aged 8 to 13.
The first season of the show began production in July 2010 and included 50 contestants.
Over 5,000 children from around the nation auditioned for the series.

From 5,500 young cooks who auditioned from around the country, 50 amazing young chefs made it through for a chance to become one of the Top 12 in Junior MasterChef Australia.

With the challenges being as big as what their older counterparts faced; the competition level among these Junior MasterChefs is just as high as they face Pressure and Invention Tests plus Team Challenges – all for precious award points from the judges.

After each challenge, the Top 12 contestants are awarded points for their plated piece. The best dish of the challenge will earn 6 points, second will get 4 points and third will get 2 points. Everyone else who plated up a dish will receive 1 point. Bonus points may be awarded at the judges' discretion.

Like MasterChef Australia, the Junior contestants will be under the watchful eye of judges Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris, Matt Preston and newcomer to the table – Anna Gare. Under their guidance, the Junior MasterChefs will learn, grow and take their skills to the next level and maybe even become the very first Junior MasterChef Australia.

With the ability to cook well beyond their years, these 'cheflings' are all winners. Excited about their futures, they reflect on the fun they've had at Junior MasterChef.

The top two are
Jack and Isabella

The Finale lasted two hours, but Jack and Isabella won't be forgotten.
It boiled down to Isabella and Jack to battle it out in the Junior MasterChef Finale, and what an epic cook-off it turned out to be.
Proving they could give adult MasterChefs a run for their money, Jack and Isabella showed that age is no barrier to creating beautiful food.
With their time in the kitchen now over, Isabella and Jack relive the memories and tell us what’s in store for them and what they hope to achieve in the culinary world when they get older.

Congratulations Jack and Isabella. What a job well done.

The winner is..........ISABELLA


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