How To ICE WATER your FACE the Right Way

Ice Water To The Rescue

Have you ever tried the ice facial? When I have a little swelling or terrible puffy eyes, I will wash my face or rather the eye area with ice-cold water. 
I was taught this when I was working real late nights, and had to wake up early the next day. My eyes were bad. I tried this and it worked.
It’s not going to be working like magic. It did helped, it lessen the puffiness and it made my eyes looked “normal”. So next time you need to have a quick remedy for “late night eyes”, you can always give this a try!

Icing is one of the best stay-at-home remedies to get a

Women Top Ten Motorcycles

What is the best motorcycle for women?

A great number of motorcycle women and one thing is for sure, all of the biker women agree to disagree on one thing. That one thing is, what is the best motorcycle for women.
Women Harley riders will tell you that Harley Davidson is the only way to go. Women that ride a sport bike will tell you a crotch rocket is the answer. While other women riders, say they love their metric cruisers and would not change for the world.
There were numerous questions asking what the best motorcycle for a woman is, and because of all of the different opinions on what motorcycles women are riding, there was a research by Black Cat.
This person found out. According to women polled and dealer sales, the top ten motorcycles for women are:

1. Harley Davidson Sportster
2. Honda Shadow
3. Yamaha V-Star
4. Harley Davidson Softail
5. Kawasaki Vulcan
6. Kawasaki Ninja
7. Suzuki Boulevard
8. Honda Rebel
9. Honda CBR600RR
10. Harley Davidson FLSTF Fat Boy

To help you choose the motorcycle that fits you personally Black Cat have outlined a little bit about the top ten motorcycles that women are riding.

The number one motorcycle ridden and bought by women is the

Top 10 Cars for Teens

Putting your teen on wheels is a tough decision, but I think it's a good idea: A car can expand a student's educational horizons, allowing her to take advantage of opportunities like off-site classes and internships. And it's a great lesson in responsibility: Kids who pay their car's running costs have good incentive to drive carefully (if they break it or crash it, they walk).

Safety was a top criteria for cars on this list -- car crashes kill about thousand of teen drivers every year.
Looked for cars that are reliable, affordable, and easy to drive.
Here, in alphabetical order, are my top picks. ;)

1. Ford Fiesta

Young'uns will like the Fiesta because it's

Malaysia Food Trademark ♥Sambal Belacan♥ ;)

Sambal Belacan must be the only true Malaysia food trademark. 

You are not considered as a Malaysian if you do not like or perish the thought, never ate sambal belacan. 

What is sambal? What is belacan?
Sambal refers to any kind of ready-to-eat fresh chili paste mixed with a variety of spices like onion, garlic and ginger. The paste must have some mixture of spicy hot, sour, salty and sometimes a little sweet taste.

Belacan is dried shrimp paste cake.
Sambal belacan usually is made of fresh red chilies or bird's eye chilies, a little shallot or onion, sometimes ginger, a squeeze of lime, belacan and a little sugar.

The belacan must be roasted first for a few minutes over naked flame (like roasting marshamallow).
Sambal belacan is distinguished from other kinds of sambal being that it is not cooked at all, rather, the ingredients are mixed together raw.
The smell of roasted belacan is truly disgusting but what a taste you will enjoy a few minutes later!

This is different from another Malaysia favorite sambal tumis which is sambal sauted in oil and has fish, meat or ikan bilis in it.

These ingredients are made into a paste using the old faithful

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